The magic of MGN is also our namesake. MGN = Miguel Norigenna, pictured to the right. He is half artist, half genius and one hundred percent awesome. Have you checked out the gallery tab?

Miguel’s handsome and hardworking roots were forged in the valley of the sun Phoenix, Arizona. He is a graduate of the Scottsdale Community College film school, and has filmed edited & directed nearly every style of video since.

With thousands of editing hours under his belt, Miguel’s trademark style has emerged and is beginning to receive national attention. Showcasing innate artistic strength and vision, Miguel delivers film-like quality without the excessive film-like budget. That means you look good without having to pay him a lot.

When he’s not on location or in the studio, Miguel spends time with his girlfriend Shanlyn and dog Rowley. His favorite movie is the 1996 Wes Anderson classic, Bottle Rocket.